Top 5 Stories From Dec 12, 2023


Here’s a look at the top stories from December 12, 2023.

Officer Brandon Joyner
Officer Brandon Joyner

La Vergne Police Department confirmed Monday night that Officer Brandon Joyner has passed away. Read More.

Hobgood Encourages Student Attendance with Rocket Store


Since COVID-19, school attendance has still not returned to pre-pandemic figures. According to AXIOS, chronic absenteeism is currently at 30%, with the percentage going as high as 69% for students from high poverty backgrounds. The average was at about 6% previous to the pandemic. But Hobgood Elementary is attempting to change this initiative with the creation of the Rocket Store. Read More.

The Powerball jackpot keeps Climbing! No ticket matched all six numbers drawn Saturday night – the white balls 5, 25, 26, 40, 60, plus the red Powerball 1.Read more.

Photo from National Weather Service

The National Weather Service (NWS) has begun sending survey teams out to assess the path and strength of tornadoes that hit several middle Tennessee communities on Saturday, December 9. Read More.

Murfreesboro detectives are seeking the identity of a person of interest wanted for questioning in an identity theft/credit card fraud case. Read More.

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