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Monday, May 21, 2018



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Hytch Special Report on Traffic

VanPooling: An Alternative (Cheaper) Way to Get to Work in Middle...

It costs the average driver about $12,000 a year to maintain their car to drive to and from work in Middle Tennessee. More than...

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Nissan and Hytch Announce Ride Share Incentive Partnership

Tuesday morning at Nissan Headquarters in Franklin, the global car company announced a partnership with ride-share app Hytch. With a new smartphone application, the companies...

Decades and Billions or Now and Nothing—The Two Coming Votes on Traffic

May might seem like a long time from now. Flowers, sunshine and sunbathing. But as the seasons change here in Middle Tennessee, one thing always...

Group Getting Together to Discuss Alternative Transit Plans

On Saturday, January 27 from 9 to 12 a.m., a group of alternative thinkers are trying to get their voices heard on transit. Hosted by...

These Political Leaders Trying to Fix Traffic Have a Plan

he transit debate in Middle Tennessee is hot because very expensive solutions are just about the only proposals being discussed. Faced with the choice...
Litter Program Changes Behavior

Litter Program Changes Behavior, Could Model Work for Traffic?

Two things seem pretty clear about the HOV lane in Tennessee. The first is that, as has been shown in so many places around the...

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