Annual Open House for Holloway High Set for July 29


Rutherford County Schools

Holloway High School will be holding its annual open house for prospective students and their parents on July 29, 2021 from 5-7 p.m.

Prospective students and their parents will have an opportunity to meet with Principal Sumatra Drayton, other administrators and faculty members. All students must interview with Drayton, who will be available throughout the open house, before being accepted to the school.

With an enrollment of about 150 students, Holloway offers a one-on-one experience not available at larger traditional schools.

No one is zoned to attend Holloway. It is one of the district’s choice schools and the only one located in downtown Murfreesboro.

Holloway distinguishes itself by offering students an opportunity to enroll in eight credit-hours per year.

Traditional schools offer seven credit hours per year, whereas Holloway offers four credit hours per semester using what is known as a four-by-four block schedule that allows students to reach the required 23 credit-hours needed to graduate within three years.

And smaller class sizes — the schools features a one-to-15 ratio with as few as 12 students in a class and no more than 18 — result in more one-on-one instruction during the 90-minute class periods.