Calling All Krispy Kreme Fans


Glazed Goodness

Your wish has been granted, Krispy Kreme is headed for Murfreesboro. The American staple, dating all the way back to the 30’s, has been the best part of getting out of bed in the morning while also being many’s guilty pleasure as a late night snack. There is never a bad time for a Krsipy Kreme Doughnut. (Okay, don’t quote me on that) But now people in the ‘Boro will have that option of getting Krispy Kreme anytime they want.

The new location will be next to Peter D’s and when construction is complete it will be Krispy Kreme’s 10th location in Tennessee. The new location is rumored to be the largest ever built in state.

The announcement is not on Krispy Kreme’s website yet, so no official ground breaking date or opening has been established. So make sure to continue to check back with the Rutherford Source so you can stay up to date… insuring you can get those glazed bites of doughy gold.


  1. Where is Peter D’s? Never heard of it; so, I gave no clue what part of town Krispy Kreme is slated to be located. Article seems a touch vague as a result. Possibly more of an ad for the other restaurant.

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