Volunteers Selected to Serve as Chaplains for Sheriff’s Office Employees


Rutherford County Sheriff’s Office

Three volunteers were selected to serve as chaplains for Rutherford County Sheriff’s Office employees, Sheriff Mike Fitzhugh said Wednesday.

Freddy Dulaney, Dr. Victor Poletajev and Ivan Duggin will participate in a much needed chaplaincy program, the sheriff said.

“I think it will be beneficial for our officers to talk to a chaplain, given some of the situations we experience as law enforcement officers,” Fitzhugh said.

Sgt. Nick Coble said the three chaplains were recommended by deputies.

The chaplains will provide “spiritual welfare of our employees who deal with traumatic events,” Coble said. “I just pray the employees accept them and know they are there for them.”

Dulaney is an ordained Southern Baptist deacon. He has known many sheriff’s office employees for more than 15 years and has an uncle who served as a police chief in Mississippi.

“The Lord has opened the door,” Dulaney said. “We are called to serve. That’s what I am going to do.”

Dr. Poletajev is a chiropractic physician who treats several police officers and veterans at his Rutherford County practice.

“God led me here,” Dr. Poletajev said. “I think it is divine intervention. I think I can be of assistance. I am here to listen and to be a help to the police community.”

He is an ordained clergy member and church sub deacon for 29 years. He serves at the Holy Trinity Orthodox Church in Nashville. He graduated last year from the St. Sophia Ukrainian Eastern Orthodox Seminary in Bound Brook, N.J.

“I am honored and thankful to be part of this program,” Dr. Poletajev said.

Duggin is a retired educator, serving as a the VoTech coordinator and department chair at Riverdale High School, junior principal at Oakland High School and principal at Holloway High School.

He served as a reserve patrol deputy for seven years at the Sheriff’s Office.

Duggin is a deacon and participates in the men’s ministry at Belle Aire Baptist Church in Murfreesboro. He has done mission work in Asia, Africa and Central America.

“I feel like my background and my experience and my heart will connect me with people to give a listening ear to people in challenging circumstances,” Duggin said.