Scene Around Town: Arcadian Wrestling


It was a night when a different kind of champion rolled into the Murphy Center when Arcadian Wrestling. Thursday night Leah Hulan’s Arcadian Wrestling unveiled a professional wrestling show that, quite frankly, was surprisingly well done. Professional ring and set along with great wrestling entertained a crowd of  approximately 500 , including some of the Blue Raiders football team and their Head Coach, Rick Stockstill.

Outside of some really good matches, including Coach Stockstill clothes-lining Chris Michaels, the presentation, from the lighting to the music was very professional for such a young company. This isn’t your run of the mill “wrasslin” , this is a well thought out and fun professional wrestling show. The meet and greet was well worth the price of admission, and we were quite entertained by the kids around us having a good time. The announcement was made Arcadian Wrestling will be returning to Murfreesboro in May. If you can’t wait until then, pop down to Fairview ,Saturday night ,tickets are still available here.