How to Get the Most Out of Summer Boating in Nashville


Summer is the best time to enjoy boating because the water is warm and inviting and the sunshine brings out your adventurous side to enjoy tubing, skiing, wakeboarding, surfing and more. 

And with the kids out of school, you can gather up the family at any time, take some time off work and hit the water. It’s the time of year most Nashville residents look forward to all year long.

Whether you’re welcoming friends or family on your boat this summer, consider these tips for making the most of the time you have on the water. 

Stay Safe

Whether you own a boat or are part of the Nautical Boat Club to get unlimited boat use, learn the basics of water safety. Even if you’re only planning for a casual cruise on the lake, you should be aware that other boaters will be flying down the lake at incredible speeds. Knowing who yields to who and how to signal to boats whose behavior you don’t understand is important.

Always ensure you have enough lifejackets on board for your passengers. And if you have young boaters, be sure to stock appropriate lifejackets based on their size. Boating accidents do happen and the increase in boating traffic during the summer can increase the likelihood of an accident if you aren’t careful.

Build Your Playlist

Modern boats have incredible sound systems and easy connectivity with smartphones. Build your perfect cruising playlist to make every day on the water feel like a party. Whether you’re cruising the water enjoying watersports or you’re sitting in a swim zone, the right tunes can make all the difference.

Because Nautical Boat Club offers boats that are no more than two years old, you’ll have the best technology while enjoying your summer on the water. Boats come equipped with Bluetooth so you can blast your playlist wirelessly.

Meet New Friends in the Swim Zone

summer boating
Rearview of a diverse group of young friends in swimsuits running together into a lake at sunset splashing water and making waves

Boating friends are great to have. You can swap toys, talk about best practices and tips, and spots to go to enjoy the lake. Plus, it’s just nice to have camaraderie, especially if you’re boating alone or with a smaller crowd.

Float around in the swim zone at the lake and look for common ground to start a conversation. Common ground can be simple, like the type of boat they have or the brand of wakeboard they own. Or just get out of your boat and mingle as you would in any other social setting, only you’ll be relaxed as you soak in the Tennessee lakes.

Explore a New-to-you Lake

Nashville has several bodies of water that are excellent for boating within a one-hour drive. While you might not be able to explore the lakes that are farther from you during weeknights or even on weekends when you have commitments that shorten your time on the water, you should try to experience a new-to-you lake this summer.

Get Out During the Week

Weekends during the summer are often busy. Whether it’s cookouts, birthday parties or graduation celebrations, there always seems to be something. And for boating lovers, that can make it more challenging to find time to get out on the water.

That’s a great benefit of joining the Nautical Boat Club. You don’t have to do anything to prepare the vessel. You just show up, present your membership and get out on the water quickly. No need to pull the boat out after your evening of fun and no worries about whether the boat needs maintenance before your next trip.

Nautical Boat Club of Nashville gives you access to boats on five incredible lakes and bodies of water: 

  • Percy Priest Lake
  • Old Hickory Lake
  • Center Hill Lake
  • Cumberland River Basin
  • Tims Ford Lake

Learn more and explore the benefits being part of a boat club can offer you.

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