5 Things You Shouldn’t Buy at a Yard Sale


With fall just around the corner, community yard sales will be taking place across the community. Each week, almost 165,000 garage sales are held in the United States, according to Statistic Brain.

While finding that gem of an item is exhilarating, don’t be lured into buying items that might not be a good deal in the end. Cheat Sheet shared five things you shouldn’t buy at your local yard sale.

Baby Gear – Don’t purchase pack-n-plays, cribs, car seats, or other baby gear. “Be very careful when buying anything baby related,” Heiska told Cheat Sheet. She also suggests using caution when buying old toys. “Many vintage toys are safety hazards — the lawn game from the ‘70s called Jarts come to mind,” she said. (Jarts, also known as lawn darts, have been banned in the U.S. since 1988.) “People who weren’t around in the ‘70s may buy them and not realize their danger.”

Bike Helmets  – Bike helmets should be replaced after any crash where you hit your heads, says the Bike Helmet Safety Institute (BHSI). Older helmets may also offer less protection than newer models.

Mattresses – Two words- bed bugs. Plus bed bugs are hard to get rid of and if you are allergic to certain types of pets, mattresses can hold pet dander as well.

Non-stick Cookware -Manufacturers, including 3M and Dupont, have phased out the used of PFOA and PFOS, the substances that caused the most concern, you’ll still find them in older pans. To stay safe, avoid older non-stick cookware, especially if the coating is chipped or flaking. The average lifespan of a non-stick pan is between three and five years, says Good Housekeeping.

Electronics – With the introduction of new technology to market, it doesn’t pay to buy used items that you can often find cheaper brand new in stores. There is one exception-Hobbyists and tinkerers looking for spare parts can have a field day at garage sales, says Popular Mechanics. And you may be able to score a deal on electronics that haven’t evolved much in recent years, like speakers.