Three Vintage Retailers Unite and Open East 96 Marketplace


East 96 Marketplace, located at 4710 Lascassas Pike, is one of those places where you can spend hours looking around because there is so much to see, and things are always changing. They carry a collection of vintage and new items, from super-cute baby gifts to ladies’ clothing and jewelry, as well as gifts for the home and furniture.

The store is actually a blending of two businesses, Bits of Rustic Charm and Dot and Lucy’s. Partners Heather Boyer, Darla Brassfield, and Jan Tessnow opened the brick and mortar store after they saw a need for places to shop in Lascassas. Tesnow and Boyer began Bits of Rustic Charm by doing the fair and market circuit, while Brasfield began on Instagram working out of her garage. The three had booths at many of the same places where they could sell their vintage and repurposed goods.

“Business has been really good for us since we opened,” said Boyer.

“Our hearts are really in this and we are very passionate about it,” added Brasfield. “Having your own business is very different from having a booth in someone else’s store. There is no better boss than yourself.”

Located on Highway 96 on the way to Lascassas, it is only a “hop, skip, and jump” from town, as Boyer describes it. A mere seven miles from the MTSU campus.

All of the owners love to sell items that have a story. Brasfield especially loves to discover alluring vintage items to sell. They also all have a creative eye for design and presentation, displaying their merchandise in curated “scenes” to give their shoppers inspirational ideas for their own homes. For example, they hang necklaces from a rusted garden rake head, and bracelets from old plumbing pipes. These ladies know how to put a new twist on cool items from the past.

Bringing in local artisans is equally important to the owners. They have a large collection of items made by Daisy Skidmore, the artist who stylishly pays honor to small-town life with her pen and ink drawings that she places on prints, mugs, tee-shirts, and other items.

They have an extensive assortment of painted furniture for purchase or they will do the painting for you on your own piece. Or for those who like to do it themselves, they carry Dixie Belle paints. And they restore old furniture.

What they sell the most of, however, is jewelry, women’s clothing, and gift items. The ladies carry a variety of handmade soaps, bath salts, candles, and other fun gift items, like a selection of decoupage wall hangings made from old music sheets.

They will be having events in the near future, including sip-and shops once a month, and an open house on November 9. Eventually, they hope to be able to rent out their space for events.

“We try to have fun and be light-hearted,” said Boyer.

East 96 Market
4710 Lascassas Pike
Lascassas, Tennessee 37085
Hours: Wednesday through Saturday, 10:00 am until 5:00 pm

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