Nashville Armory Crime Story Header (1)Description Of Offense : Robbery

On 6/4/17 at 1419 hours Officer A responded to 2615 Medical Center Parkway , Victoria’s Secret, in reference to a robbery. Upon the officer’s arrival he made contact with three employees.

Employee A advised that two black females ( described : one had dark complexion, approximately 6″ slender with dreads that was transgender and the other was approximately 5’2″ with medium build ) were in the store while she was folding clothes near the door and they came to the table where she was so she backed up near the door.

Employee A then advised the suspects then grabbed a bunch of the merchandise stating “Don’t touch me ! ” then pushed her into the glass door as they were exiting the store. Employee A also advised she was pregnant but refused medical attention. The other employee’s statements corroborated Employee A’s statement. The employees gave a vehicle tag number and description that matched the registered vehicle however it reported stolen out of Nashville.

Items Stolen : 8 Pink Yoga Pants ($367.60) and 29 SS Tees ( $868.55 )


  1. Ok how many times has this happened?? Move the crap away from the door. Also switch the doors so you have to pull to get out. Not too hard to solve this is ridiculous.

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