3 Teacher Gifts That Don’t Involve Apples


Holidays are a time to remember your children’s teachers. And we know that it can be challenging to find the right gift; that’s where we come in. While it’s tempting to fall for the kitschy items that say “teacher” and  feature an apple – trust me –  any educator who has worked for any amount of time has their fair share of items with an apple on it, so let’s pass on it this year.

For those of you with students in Williamson County School students, please remember there are no homemade food items allowed as gifts for teachers.

Here are three gifts to give your teacher this season.

Classroom Supplies. By the middle of the year, the classroom may be low on items that your students use on a daily basis. Ask your teacher for her wish list and purchase one of the items.

Give an Experience. Just like students, teachers have extended time off. Treat your teacher to movie tickets or to a holiday concert or show. You could always give them a gift card to the Ryman, Franklin Theatre, Studio Tenn, or Ticketmaster so they can select their own entertainment.

Time to Shop. You can purchase a generic Visa gift card which can be used at any store. Other popular stores are Target or Walmart where you can purchase items for your home, decor, clothing, electronics, and more. A gift card to their favorite bookstore where they can browse new titles while drinking coffee is always a favorite as well.

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