5 Ways to Keep Your Holiday Packages Safe


Shopping online is convenient and a way of life for most of us (especially during the holidays) as we face overbooked schedules and juggling multiple functions throughout the holiday season. But did you know that 80% of home owners report they have been the victim of package theft during the holiday season?

That stat is provided by Inc, who recently surveyed homeowners on their online shopping behavior. Here’s what they found:

  • U.S. homeowners receive an average of 27 packages each year
  • 26% receive deliveries at least once a week
  • 53% worry packages will be stolen from their doorstep
  • 74% have been victims of package theft
  • This increases to 81% during the holidays
  • The majority (74%) of packages are stolen during the day when homeowners are out
  • Theft victims spend close to $200 replace each stolen package
  • 80% of homeowners mentioned that they would rather invest in smart technology. . . which would eliminate this worry once and for all, rather than continue to spend money replacing stolen goods.
  • 49% of people stay home to meet delivery drivers when they are expecting a package
  • 20% of people will leave from work early if they are expecting a delivery

To help keep your packages safe this holiday season, here are five things you can do.

Use Amazon Lockers. If you shop with Amazon, using their locker system will keep your packages safe but it only works for smaller items. You also have to only a few days to pick up your items. See all of our information about Amazon Lockers here.

Have Packages Delivered to Your Office. If you work in an office, you can have your packages delivered to your workplace where someone is always available to take delivery.

Install a Front Door Security Camera. Having a camera on your front door will deter porch pirates. Some cameras will even allow you to watch your porch remotely.

Require a Signature on Delivery. By requiring a signature, the delivery company has to ensure you are home. If a package, which required a signature, is stolen from your porch,  the delivery company will be liable.

Amazon Key for Delivery. In addition to Amazon Lockers, Amazon offers another service where you can have the delivery person leave your package in your home. The process involves a smart lock and security camera. If you don’t want it delivered inside your home, they can also leave the package in your car. Find more information here.

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