The Ultimate Summer Celebration: National Peach Pie Day


“That sounds peachy keen. She’s a peach. They go together like peaches and cream.” There’s a reason we have so many peachy-perfect sayings: the glorious summer peach is an American institution unto itself. Nothing says summer quite like biting into a lovely ripe peach.

It should come as no surprise that there’s an entire day dedicated to the celebration of baking peaches into a delicious pie. National Peach Pie Day is August 24, and if that’s not an excuse for celebration, we don’t know what is!

At Papa C Pies, we use local, fresh peaches from Georgia and Alabama to make our classic Peach Pie and our new summer offering, Blueberry & Peach Pie. These pies are only available through August, so make sure you don’t miss out on all that peachy goodness!

‘Tis the Season…

For peaches! The South’s favorite stone fruit only grows during the summer months, so you have a limited window to enjoy it fresh. Peach harvest typically begins in May or June and tragically leaves us peachless as we move into September. Now is the perfect time for the juiciest bite of a summer peach.

Local is Best

Although 33 states grow peaches, the Georgia peach reigns supreme in our minds. It’s believed that the peaches grow sweeter due to the state’s red clay soil and increased humidity level. Southern peach growers have also embraced a new method of allowing the fruit to ripen once picked instead of ripening on the tree, giving us the best texture and flavor.

A Pie with a “Peach” of Our Hearts

This pie has roots: its origins date back to Southern recipe books in the mid-1800s. Creating Peach Pie is an honored tradition, and you’ll love the Papa C Pies version when you join us for National Peach Pie Day. With spicy touches of cinnamon, a little brightness from lemon, and a flaky, golden crust, our Peach Pie will feel like a warm hug from your favorite fruit.

Papa C Pies: Ap-PEACH-iate the Difference!

Maybe we go a little heavy on the peach puns, but we’re perfectly balanced in our recipes. Each pie from our bakery is handcrafted from high-quality ingredients with cherished family recipes. You will really taste the difference that attention to detail makes. Join us in-store on August 24th for National Peach Pie Day, or ship a pie to someone special.

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