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The graduation dates were adopted by the Rutherford County Board of Education on Jan. 21, 2021. Additional details about the ceremonies will be announced as we continue to monitor the COVID-19 pandemic in Rutherford County. Graduation Dates 2021 PDF

Rutherford County Class of 2021 Graduation Dates

LaVergne High SchoolMay 10, 20217:00LaVergne High School Football Field
Oakland High SchoolMay 11, 20217:00Oakland Football Field
Stewarts Creek High SchoolMay 12, 20217:00Stewarts Creek High SchoolFootball Field
Smyrna High SchoolMay 13, 20217:00Smyrna High School Football Field
Holloway High SchoolMay 14, 20217:00LifePoint Smyrna
Eagleville SchoolMay 14, 20217:00Eagleville School
Central Magnet SchoolMay 14, 20217:00Siegel High School Football Field
Siegel High SchoolMay 15, 20217:00Siegel High School Football Field
Riverdale High SchoolMay 16, 20217:00Riverdale High School
Blackman High SchoolMay 17, 20217:00The Inferno
Rockvale High School May 18, 20217:00Rockvale High School Football Field
Rutherford County Virtual SchoolMay 19, 20216:00The Fountains at Gateway
Rutherford County Adult High School and Summer SchoolJuly 30, 20216:00Siegel High School



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