RCFR and Stormpoint Drone Team Locate Missing Juvenile Using Thermal Cameras


Rutherford County, TN–Rutherford County Fire Rescue and Stormpoint Drone Team were requested to assist in the Saturday evening search efforts for a missing juvenile near Wade Herrod Road.

The team responded to the location and immediately launched a drone with FLIR technology, allowing them to detect heat signatures on the ground level.

The cold temperatures actually aided in the search and crews were able to track the juvenile with the thermal imaging technology in about 13 minutes.

The drone team led Rutherford County Sheriff’s Department directly to the heat signature of the missing juvenile, who was sitting on the ground in the thick woods.

The juvenile was evaluated by Rutherford County paramedics.

“We are very fortunate in Rutherford County that our public safety agencies work so well together,” said Captain John Ingle. “The great teamwork returned a positive outcome, and we’re grateful the juvenile was safely located.”