Facebook Flight Check : It’s Happening


According to NBCNews.com , checking your flight using Facebook Messenger may be a new norm in the future of aviation communication. According to the article it is already being used by KLM Royal Dutch Airlines:

Starting today, passengers on KLM Royal Dutch Airlines will be able to confirm a flight, check in for travel, get boarding passes, make itinerary updates, and chat to customer service – all from the Facebook Messenger app.

“This is one that I’ve been personally eager to solve for a while: Removing stress and complication from air travel,” wrote Facebook’s vice president for messaging products David Marcus in (of course) a Facebook post announcing the new feature. “Goodbye forgetting the combination of your frequent flyer alphanumerical number and password to obtain your boarding pass, and holding for a long time on the phone to change flights.”

The article goes on to say that response has been overall positive. You can already book UBer and Lyft rides thru messenger and according to the digital giant this is coming soon for Messenger :

Facebook is also beta testing a virtual concierge named M, who will be able to book tickets, make travel plans, and perhaps advise on James Bond theme tunes.

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