Rutherford County Roadways One Of Deadliest In State


According to stats, fatalities on Rutherford County roadways are on the rise. As of September 28th of this year there have been a total of 31 traffic fatalities this year. That’s up from 19 at the same year to date last year. That’s the largest increase in District 3 which includes Davidson,Williamson and Sumner counties among others.

This year’s fatality rates in Rutherford County are also among the most in the state: (All YTD stats are as of September 28, 2016)

Shelby County YTD: 97 fatalities. +15 from YTD from 2015

Knox County YTD:   56 fatalities +23 YTD from 2015

Davidson County YTD: 55 fatalities  +4 YTD from 2015

Rutherford County YTD: 31 fatalities + 12 YTD from 2015

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