RCS Well-represented at 2020 National Beta Convention


Rutherford County Schools

Rutherford County Schools was well-represented at the National Beta Convention, which was held virtually this year.

With categories ranging from creative writing to two-dimensional design and a host of other categories, RCS had students place in the top five of more than 60 categories.

Clubs representing middle and high schools focus on the four points of Beta — achievement, character, leadership and service.

“With everything we do, we want to keep those four points in mind. We hold our members to those high standards, and they know what they have to do to achieve them,” said Siegel High School Beta Club sponsor Caroline Ott.

Many clubs focus on smaller service projects throughout the year, such as volunteering at local non-profits or taking the time to recognize students and staff within their schools.

However, the main focus for these students is choosing in which area they’d like to compete at convention.

Many, if not all, students within the Beta clubs throughout Rutherford County create projects or focus on a specific scholastic area, so they can compete at the state and, ideally, national conventions.

In order to compete at the national level, students must first compete at their respective state levels and qualify to attend the national convention. This year, instead of being able to attend the national convention, like past years, students had to submit their pieces to be reviewed virtually.

Siegel High School winners Whitman Cazjkowski and Luke Blain originally submitted their technology presentation for the State Level competition in November 2019. After winning 1st place, they qualified for national competition and eventually winning 1st place there.

Other Beta clubs and individuals did the same by earning 1stplace in 18 separate categories.

“It’s a lot on the kids on their own time,” said Ott, who recognized the time and commitment it takes to be successful. “They sign up for it, but they know that they are also responsible for achieving [their goals].”

The students of Rutherford County were responsible for achieving their goals and many exceeded them when competing at the state and national levels.

The winners and their respective categories are listed below.


Creative Writing Junior:

5th Place: Janie Whitaker (Blackman Middle School)

Digital Art Junior:

1st Place: Colby Ward (Siegel Middle School)

Drawing Junior:

2nd Place: Megan Zhao (Central Magnet School)


1st Place: Oakland Middle School

3rd Place: Siegel Middle School

Jewelry Junior:

5th Place: Kaitlyn Marlow (Stewarts Creek Middle School)

Language Arts 6th Grade:

3rd Place: Sofia Kime (Central Magnet School)

5th Place: Jett Murphy (Eagleville School)

Language Arts 8th Grade:

1st Place: Anna Niedzielski (Central Magnet School)

Marketing and Communications Junior:

1st Place: Siegel Middle School

Math 6th grade:

2nd Place: Andrew Smith (Central Magnet School)

Math 8th grade:

1st Place: Nij Patel (Central Magnet School)

Science 6th Grade:

2nd Place: Rachel Swicord (Central Magnet School)

Science 8th Grade:

2nd Place: Breana Yodis (Central Magnet School)

5th Place: George Moisant (Oakland Middle School)

Social Studies 6th Grade:

4th Place: David Harrison (Eagleville School)

5th Place: Carson Jenkins (Rock Springs Middle School)

Social Studies 7th Grade:

2nd Place: Sophia Stringfield (Central Magnet School)

5th Place: Noah Wright (Siegel Middle School)

Two Dimensional Design Junior:

5th Place: Siegel Middle School


Agriscience 12th Grade:

3rd Place: Anna Buris (Central Magnet School)

Apparel Design Senior:

4th Place: Smyrna High School

Color Photography Division I:

2nd Place: Olivia Helton (Rockvale High School)

4th Place: Chelsea Liu (Siegel High School)

Color Photography Division II:

5th Place: Ellie Risher (Siegel High School)

Creative Writing Division I:

1st Place: Molly Almon (Central Magnet School)

Digital Art Division II:

3rd Place: Taylor Newbern (Stewarts Creek High School)


4th Place: Stewarts Creek High School

Fiber Arts Division I:

3rd Place: Jill Morris (Rockvale High School)

5th Place: Chyra Young (Oakland High School)

Fiber Arts Division II:

5th Place: Elaina Mabry (Central Magnet School)

Freshman Problem Solving:

5th Place: Smyrna High School

Language Arts 11th Grade:

3rd Place: Lauren Norman (Central Magnet School)

Language Arts 12th Grade:

2nd Place: Lauren Mitchum (Central Magnet School)

5th Place: Sara Sandefur (Stewarts Creek High School)

Language Arts 9th Grade:

1st Place: Ivy Lin (Riverdale High School)

3rd Place: Leah Pruter (Central Magnet School)

5th Place: Ellie Wiemann (Rockvale High School)

Living Literature:

3rd Place: Eagleville High School

5th Place: Rockvale High School

Marketing and Communications

4th Place: Central Magnet School

5th Place: Stewarts Creek High School

Math 10th Grade:

1st Place: Ashleigh Clark (Central Magnet School)

5th Place: Jacob Fries (Oakland High School)

Math 11th Grade:

4th Place: Beth Nelson (Oakland High School)

Math 12th Place:

1st Place: Dahlen Elstran (Central Magnet School)

Math 9th Grade:

3rd Place: Ella Clark (Central Magnet School)

Mixed Media Division I:

5th Place: Caroline Peterson (Central Magnet School)

Mixed Media Division II:

1st Place: Eli Ward (Riverdale High School)

4th Place: Brooke Busbee (Central Magnet School)

Onsite Drawing Division I:

1st Place: Adrienne Ward (Rockvale High School)

Onsite Painting Division II:

4th Place: Corinna Lingle (Eagleville High School)

Performing Arts Group

4th Place: Central Magnet School

Performing Arts Solo, Duo, Trio

5th Place: Oakland High School

Poetry Division I:

5th Place: Jayda Freeman (Oakland High School)

Poetry Division II:

3rd Place: Rosalie Risk (Central Magnet School)

4th Place: William Arthur Monaghan (LaVergne High School)

Quiz Bowl:

2nd Place: Central Magnet School

Recyclable Art Division II:

5th Place: Eli Ward (Riverdale High School)

Robotics Showcase:

5th Place: Central Magnet School

Science 10th Grade:

1st Place: Zoe London (Central Magnet School)

5th Place: Melina Adrovic (Siegel High School)

Science 11th Grade:

1st Place: Katie Cowart (Central Magnet School)

Science 12th Grade:

3rd Place: Austin Music (Stewarts Creek High School)

Science 9th Grade:

1st Place: Isaac Smith (Central Magnet School)

Sculpture Division II:

2nd Place: Eli Ward (Riverdale High School)

4th Place: Bailey Miller (Eagleville High School)

Social Studies 10th Grade:

1st Place: Miles Lee (Central Magnet School)

Social Studies 9thGrade:

1st Place: Ryan Maier (Rockvale High School)

Spanish 10th Grade:

4th Place: Laura Momm (Oakland High School)

5th Place: Hope Clark (Central Magnet School)

Spanish 11th Grade:

2nd Place: Leslie Mendoza-Ortiz (Smyrna High School)

Spanish 12th Grade:

5th Place: Dalia Estefani Mendieta Mendez (LaVergne High School)

Spanish 9th Grade:

3rd Place: Caroline Chestnut (Rockvale High School)

4th Place: Ellie Lifferth (Smyrna High School)

Speech Division I:

2nd Place: Ariana Olivares (Stewarts Creek High School)

Speech Division II:

1st Place: Yeongseo Son (Central Magnet School)


1st Place: Siegel High School

Three Dimensional Design:

3rdPlace: Central Magnet School

Woodworking Division I:

1st Place: Jesse Condren (Rockvale High School)

5th Place: LaVergne High School

Club Trading Pin:

Place: Smyrna High School

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