Principal at Stewarts Creek HS Surprises Students at Cheerleading Championship in Orlando


Stewarts Creek High School’s cheerleading team got a sweet surprise from their principal at a national cheerleading championship in Florida over the weekend.

Principal Dr. Clark Harrell flew 600 miles to surprise the team in Orlando at the UCA National High School Cheerleading Championship on Feb. 10. Varsity Sprit caught the special moment on Youtube.

“It’s a reminder to me why I am a principal at Stewarts Creek High School. At the end of the day, it’s serving students and celebrating their success with them,” Dr. Harrell said in the video.

Cheer coach Alonna Smith told Varsity Spirit that this was Stewarts Creek’s tenth appearance at the UCA championship.

“Having him here is so special to us because it represents how this program is growing,” cheerleader Neely Williams said.

Watch the full video above.


  1. Please watch the spelling of “principle”!!! You got it right more than you did wrong, so congrats! And high praise for the students, parents and faculty who make this type activity possible.

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