Six Fun Swimming Pool Games


Having a private pool in your yard is the best…until you hear the dreaded words, “I’m BORED!” You can have a surprisingly lot of fun with minimal expense. Kick boredom to the curb this summer with these six family fun pool games that go way beyond Marco Polo.

Ping Pong Scramble

Ping pong balls are an inexpensive item you can stock up for lots of summer fun. They float and bob and don’t quite like to get caught. Take a sharpie and write numbers 1-20 (or however many you want) on them. Throw them in the pool and let the participants go nuts. Once all the balls are collected, each person adds the numbers to get their sum total. (Bonus summer math lesson!) Whoever has the highest total value wins.

Invisible Bottle

This game is incredibly simple and deceptively hard. Fill an empty clear 2-liter bottle with water and secure the lid. Have everyone close their eyes while one person tosses the bottle in and lets it sink. Then let everyone jump in and search for the “invisible bottle.” It’s actually much harder than it sounds. Finder is the winner.

Watermelon Push

There are lots of variations on this one. But it all starts with a greased watermelon. Buy a watermelon and grease it up with oil. You can time each participant pushing it from one end of the pool to the other. You can do it relay style. You can make it even more challenging by saying you can only use your head to push the watermelon. But ultimately the winner is everyone watching this fun and silly event.

Noodle Race

Races are fun, whether freestyle or underwater. But if you want to up the fun factor, make participants use a noodle. The floating, slightly unpredictable and slippery nature of them makes the race more challenging and the smiles bigger.

Freeze Tag

The old schoolyard favorite comes to the pool! But the only way to “unfreeze” someone who has been tagged by the “it” person is to swim between their legs.

Squirt Gun Beachball Race

For this fun event, no touching the ball. Each participant starts with a filled water gun and a beachball. Using only the squirt gun, try to move the ball to the other end of the pool. This can be done as a relay to increase the competitive fun.

Don’t Let the Fun Stop

These are just a few of the fun ways to enjoy not only your pool, but your family, this summer. Don’t let the fun stop because of maintenance issues. Contact Peek Pools at 615-866-8800 to get on the list for regularly scheduled maintenance or if you notice an issue with the pool.

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