MTSU-Steel Barrel Brewing Co. Raising the Bar on Fermentation


Ground Breaking: Steel Barrel Brewing Co.

Thursday marked the groundbreaking at 7408 John Bragg Highway for what will be the Steel Barrel Brewing Companies Factory. The company will team with MTSU, providing students the opportunity to earn a bachelors degree in fermentation sciences. A truly rare learning experience that not many colleges can offer. Sidney McPhee spoke to that matter during our talk at the event.

“It certainly is unique and innovative. I like to refer to it as innovation with a public-private partnership that results in giving students real world experience as they study and earn their degree. These students graduate, they will be able to move right into the industry without any issues or hassles with that experience behind them. We’re very lucky, when thus was all coming together, it was good timing with us actually getting that new fermentation degree.”