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Mayday Brewery’s Solar Eclipse Party

Mayday Brewery invites everyone to experience the solar eclipse on Aug 21, 2017 drinking great beer and listening to a live band play Pink...

Blondes Are My Type

Boro Blonde Canning Release Party One of Murfreesboro's coolest places in town made history yesterday when they unveiled their first ever cans of Boro Blonde....
local spots for a cold draft beer in Murfreesboro are in abundance but some local favorites stand out like Mayday Brewery and The Green Dragon Public House

Cold Beer In The Boro That Beats The Summer Heat

 Wednesday 4:00 – 9:00pm Thursday 4:00 – 9:00pm Friday 4:00 – 10:00pm Saturday 1:00 – 10:00pm Sunday 1:00 – 7:00pm   BEER, HUGS, AND ROCK N ROLL Looking for a place...

Mayday Brewery’s Folk N’ Art Festival

Mayday Brewery Join us for an awesome, fun filled day of music, art, beer, food and KILTS! 14 artists will have booths with a plethora of...

MTSU-Steel Barrel Brewing Co. Raising the Bar on Fermentation

Ground Breaking: Steel Barrel Brewing Co. Thursday marked the groundbreaking at 7408 John Bragg Highway for what will be the Steel Barrel Brewing Companies Factory....

Worst Rated Beer In North America

Not all beers are created equal. Look, I mean I get it. Hoppy...Stouts...High Alc .. Wits....these are the "in beers" of today's generation. I...

Worst Rated Beer : 5-1

5) Mich Ultra C'mon hipsters... you know they're right 4) Milwaukee's Best Known as "The Beast" , because of how it made you feel the next day.....

Worst Rated Beer : 10-6

10) Bud Light Chelada : See Bud Chelada 9) Miller Genuine Draft 64: Reason #64 that draft in a can is a bad idea 8) Milwaukee's Best...

Worst Rated Beer : 15-11

15) Busch Light: Light....sweet....water 14) Busch Ice:  Because Bush Light needed an upgrade 13) Bud Light: Because you're "on a diet" 12) Keystone Premium: Who knew Keystone made a premium beer?...

Worst Rated Beer : 20-16

20) Icehouse Light: Because everyone needs a bad light beer 19) Budweiser Chelada:  Let's take beer, tomato juice, and fish and put them in a 24 oz....
Acme Feed & Seed
Tue, Aug 22 7:00 pm
Mercy Lounge
Tue, Aug 22 8:00 pm
Tue, Aug 22 8:00 pm
Acme Feed & Seed
Wed, Aug 23 6:00 pm