Make Music Day Murfreesboro Community Rhythm Event is Friday


Murfreesboro drummers, music fans and community members will gather once again in Old Fort Park on June 21, as Everybody Drum Some will host its annual Make Music Day community rhythm event tradition.

June 21 is worldwide Make Music Day, a celebration of music that started in France in 1982, which also coincides with the summer solstice. In Murfreesboro, Ross Lester, the man behind Everybody Drum Some, uses this day to encourage anyone and everyone to come out and join in a group percussion session, regardless of their experience.

Spencer Baker, a frequent participant in Everybody Drum Some group drumming sessions and a friend of Lester’s, says the community rhythm events are one of his favorite community activities, a way to meet interesting local people and to enjoy some time outdoors.

“The drum events are really fascinating,” Baker says. “They are so open.  Anyone who walks by can join in.”

Though he wouldn’t call himself a seasoned drummer or a technical master  instrumentalist, Baker, and many other Murfreesboro rhythm enthusiasts,  find the seasonal Everybody Drum Some community rhythm events very  enjoyable, a great way to engage with others in town, to relax, to  groove and to express some creativity.

“Sometimes folks come to these events not quite knowing what to expect,”  Lester said. “They may think to themselves, ‘Everyone playing drums all at once? How can that work?’ Then they are surprised and delighted to find that when all of the participants get on the beat together, we can  make some truly amazing music!”

Lester really does invite anyone and everyone who would like to participate to join in with the percussive group, comprised of both young and old, with widely varying levels of musical proficiency.

“It proves his mantra that you don’t need formal training to make music together,” Baker says.

The Everybody Drum Some events feature some of the widest age ranges of  any musical ensemble.

“It can be hard for parents or grandparents and teens or young kids to  find some common ground and find things they like to do together,” Baker said; but the participants at the all-ages Murfreesboro community rhythm events may very well be aged 2 or 80.

Event Details:
Make Music Day
Friday, June 21, 6:30pm
Old Fort Park, between the
playground and outdoor tennis courts
All ages invited
Participants can bring drums, shakers, tambourines, wood blocks or  percussive instruments of any type, but even those who have no instrument may come out and use one from the extensive Everybody Drum
Some collection.

To learn more about Everybody Drum Some, visit;
learn more about Make Music Day at

Find a Facebook event page for the June 21 event here.