Holiday Retail Shopping Thrives Despite Popularity of Online Shopping


Although you may think that the majority of shoppers are buying most of their holiday gifts online, the “National Retail Federation reports that Americans still spend over $5 in stores for every $1 they spend online,” reports USA TODAY.

In an article examining what has been dubbed the “retail apocalypse” and how it will or won’t affect the holiday season, USA TODAY adds “online sales are expected to reach $107.4 billion during the 2017 holiday season, according to data from Adobe (NASDAQ: ADBE) Analytics. That’s a 13.8% increase over 2016. Brick-and-mortar sales won’t increase by quite as much, but they will still be up 10%.”

While online shopping is convenient, many still enjoy shopping at physical stores. Whether its because the store offers a unique, enjoyable experience or you simply like seeing the products in person or it’s a social event, shopping at retail stores is still part of the holiday experience.

One of the many complaints heard in regards to holiday shopping is traffic. Traffic near shopping centers, malls, etc… can be frustrating during the holiday season, which might lead many to Amazon, Etsy or other popular online shopping sites.

But are you one of the millions who like to do your holiday shopping at brick and mortar stores? If so, do you carpool with friends or family?

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