305 Highland murfreesboro

The Rutherford County Chapter of The Association for the Preservation of Tennessee Antiquities is planning to mark a 126-year-old structure in Downtown Murfreesboro. The new marker is scheduled to be unveiled at 305 N Highland Avenue on Monday, December 10th at noon.

The APTA marks properties that display architectural or historical significance in Rutherford County. The iconic signs, which can be seen all around Downtown and scattered through the county, display the most influential owners of the properties as well as the year of construction.

Bill Jakes Realty will host a grand opening celebration and ribbon cutting for their new office in conjunction with the APTA event. Bill Jakes started renovation of the property in November of 2017. And now, after a full year of site improvements and restoration, Bill Jakes Realty is ready to do business from this beautiful old home that is part of the historical fabric of Downtown Murfreesboro.

Jakes says, “It’s so very gratifying to have an opportunity to save a historic structure in such a visible part of our city. I have been interested in local history and architectural preservation for many years; this just feels like a perfect fit for my business.”

The home was built by the McCullough family in 1892 and after living in it briefly, they moved to Nashville and converted it to a duplex rental property. E.L. and Gladys McCarty purchased the home in 1947. Their daughter, Mary McCarty Roberts, inherited it in 2009. Earl & Mary Roberts sold the home to Bill & Sarah Jakes in 2016.

The style of the home is known as a ‘Gable Front & Wing’, which was a common style in Rutherford County around the turn of the 20th century. Most were built on piers made of cut or stacked stone. The framing lumber was often oak or other hardwood with floors made of heart pine and casings and moldings made from poplar. At the time of construction, these homes typically did not have indoor plumbing. So, bathrooms are often located in shed-roof additions to the house. The structure at 305 N Highland displays all of these characteristics. Jakes’ research has also revealed that the porch of this home was enlarged about the time plumbing was added, around 1915. The unique fluted square columns on this home would have been added during that time.


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