5 Rug Trends for 2018

Rugs can be one of the less expensive and easier ways to update your home this year. Here are 5 rug trends to take note of in 2018.


Look for natural tones that complement your furnishings and accessories already in your space. Many rugs will have fringe which adds textures and interest to your space.

2Bold and Moody

Rich saturated colors like fuchsia, deep purple and indigo are making a statement on floors. Area rugs are great for trying a bold color palette without a huge commitment.

3Sleek Scandinavian

Understated elegance and cool color schemes, natural textures, and organic textures all create an understated oasis to relax and recharge. This is great for neutral tones spaces.

4New Bohemian 

Old becomes new when earthy undertones collide with bold jewel tones. With carpet patterns inspired by exotic cultures and far-off continents.


Tones of blush, dusky raspberry and dusty pink continue to inspire in 2018. For a more subtle pink look, there are neutral patterns of barely-there blush tone.