Moving ? Plan Ahead For Your Pet


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Pets can get stressed during a move, but extra care and consideration can make the transition easier.

According to the National Council on Pet Population Study and Policy, moving is one of the most common reasons a pet is given to an animal shelter and the No. 1 reason why a dog is given away. The lack of knowledge about pet care and relocation often leads to people leaving their pet(s) behind.

The experts at TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® and The Humane Society of the United States offer tips to make the move easier for pet owners:

Before the move:

* Remember to update pet’s tags and information with the new address and contact information as soon as possible.

* Visit the veterinarian to get a physical and a copy of the pet’s medical history.

* Keep pets contained when movers are present and while traveling to prevent injuries or runaway animals.


* Before and after the move, surround the cat with familiar objects ― feeding and water bowls, toys, blanket, or bed.

* Gradually introduce them to the new home by restricting them to one or two rooms at first.


* Slowly introduced to the new surroundings – dogs should be leashed outside until comfortable with the area.

* Consider arranging a friend or pet sitter to come over for a couple hours a day to ease the dog’s anxiety if you are unable to stay home the first few days.


* Traveling is the most difficult part of the moving process for fish. Place in bags with a mix of new water and clean water from their aquarium – the less the fish are crowded the better. Put rubber bands around the top and place the bags inside a dark, insulated cooler.

* Let the filter run for a few hours before putting fish back in the tank. Try to limit time away from the normal habitat to less than 48 hours.


* Make sure to use appropriate sized carriers for birds. Cover the bottom with litter. Secure the door with a clip from the outside. Keep cool and protected from the sun.

* Bring a supply of old food and water – gradually switching from old to new supplies.

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