“What…A…Game” Double OT needed between Stewarts Creek v Dickson Co.


Dickson County Lady Cougars (29-7, 10-2)

Stewarts Creek Lady Red Hawks (23-7, 8-2)


TSSAA BlueCross AAA Championships

(1st Round)

The majority of this game went according to plan for Stewarts Creek, who were favored coming into today, as they held a lead for almost the entirety of the game. But Dickson County was never far behind, battling with the Lady Red Hawks tooth and nail all game long. This contest was intensely competitive, and would be an instant classic when it was all said and done.

In the waning seconds Dickson County had narrowed their deficit down to three points and had possession of the ball. With two restless fan bases nervously awaiting the final buzzer, number 24, Emily Beard of Dickson County took matters into her hands. She dribbled to her spot at the top of the key and just when she got the slightest amount of space, fired her shot. The ball almost appeared to freeze in air as all Red Hawk and Cougar fans alike held their collective breath.

Roars gave way to the once breathless orange and blue clad fans as Beard’s shot whipped the net, tying the game and forcing overtime.

Despite Stewarts Creek disbelief, they came out focused in OT. Amassing a lead once again that looked insurmountable. But, as thrillers go, history would repeat itself and who else would be in the starring role? Miss Emily Beard of course.

With every set of Red Hawk eye’s in the building on her, Beard put on her cape one more time and did the impossible. Drilling another buzzer beater and pushing her team and the game into five more minutes of play.

The Murphy Center was in a hysteria at the start of double over time.

With both teams exhausted, running on pure emotion, the Lady Cougars just had a little bit more left in the tank than Stewarts Creek. And how could the Cougars let Beard’s heroics transpire in a losing effort? They would go on to outscore SCHS 9-6 in the second overtime and upset the Lady Red Hawks 67 to 64 in the first round of State Championships.

Score by Quarter 1st 2nd 3rd 4th OT OT2 Final
Dickson Co


Stewarts Creek

17 5 14 12 10 9 67
13 16 14 5 10 6 64
Player Points
FERBY, Brianah 19
FERBY, Brandi 15
MCCRARY, Morgan 10
Team FG % 3FG % Free Throw% Turnovers Assists Rebounds
Dickson Co


Stewarts Creek







20 16 32






9 14 31


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