5 Songs for Memorial Day


This Memorial Day, we’re honoring those who have served our country with these Memorial Day songs. Some are old, some are new and one famous song is celebrating a big anniversary.

5Jimmy Fortune – “Meet Me at Arlington”

Fortune co-wrote the song, inspired by the story of a Gold Star mother challenging a teacher who panned the military, with award-winning songwriter Dave Clark. “There are over 400,000 graves at Arlington and stones that represent people who have died for our freedom and who’ve given so much for us. That’s why that song was written. It’s a powerful song, a moving song and a true song about her,” shared Fortune.

4Wes Cook Band- “I Stand for the Flag”

“I Stand for the Flag” was created when fiddle player/background vocalist for the Wes Cook Band wanted to write a song about the flag from a nonpolitical way.

The song caught the ears of NASCAR driver Ryan Ellis and Ryan’s team began to brainstorm about how to work together and this idea was formed.

“I Stand For The Flag” served as inspiration for a design to be featured on the #99 car for two races in 2019.

3Tracy Lawrence – “Made in America”

This song celebrates all the hardworking men and women who make our nation stand tall and fill us with pride. Lawrence’s stripped away simplicity reminds us of what truly matters and acknowledges the small things people around our nation do every day that exemplifies American fortitude.

2Lee Greenwood- “God Bless the USA”

This iconic song is over 36 years old. “When I put it on stage … I think it was the fall of ’83, I put it in the middle of the show, just as a brand-new song. Wow, it was like the audience jumped up, and they were applauding … I did it for about two weeks like that, and then I had to put it at the end of the show as an encore; I couldn’t follow it,” Greenwood said in a release last year talking about the song’s longevity and popularity.

1Carrie Underwood -“Just a Dream”

This song was released back in 2008 by Underwood and hit number one on the country charts. It tells the story of an 18-year-old who is headed to church for a wedding but it’s revealed to be the funeral of her husband, a soldier killed in war.

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