These Middle TN Rivers Have Reached Concerning Heights Following May 8 Storms

Harpeth River (photo: Friends of Harpeth River State Park)

Severe storms rolled through Middle Tennessee on Wednesday, May 8.

A tornado touched down in Maury County (resulting in one fatality, dozens displaced and over 40 homes destroyed), rainfall reached up nearly eight inches in Sumner County and several schools are closing.

Now, many Middle Tennessee Rivers have reached concerning heights following the several storms.

Here’s a look at the latest information from NOAA:

Cumberland River at Old Hickory Dam

(Photo Credit: NOAA)

Cumberland River at Hunters Point (Wilson County)

(Photo Credit: NOAA)

Harpeth River at Franklin

(Photo Credit: NOAA)

Stones River at Murfreesboro

(Photo Credit: NOAA)

Duck River at Columbia

(Photo Credit: NOAA)

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