Police Report : Intentional Fire Set At Student Apartments


Description Of Offense : Arson

On 6/24/17 at approximately 0115 hours, Officer A was dispatched to 285 North Rutherford Boulevard  “P” building in reference to a fire.

Upon arrival the officer noticed that the breezeway wall leading to [APT # OMITTED] was on fire. The officer was able to locate all the residents that were home out of the P building closest to the fire. Nobody was hurt as a result of the fire.

Several witnesses from the “M” building advised they saw what looked to be a skinny male ” peeing ” on the wall inside of the breezeway where the fire was. They advised this male ducked further inside of the breezeway to where they could barely see him. Then the building caught on fire where that suspect was seen. The subject exited to the other side of the breezeway because witnesses did not see anyone leave. Witnesses could only see a shadow of the subject and no other descriptors are available.

Fire Marshal arrived on scene and advised to file this report and email him a copy. He advised the fire department would take over the investigation.

Names and personal information have been omitted to protect the privacy of our local officers and subjects mentioned in this police report.