Murfreesboro Teen Charged with Evading Arrest After Fleeing Officers Responding to Reports of Drag Racing

Gavin Fitzpatrick, 18
Gavin Fitzpatrick, 18

From Metro Police – An alleged participant in Sunday night’s reported drag racing-related activities is now jailed and charged with evading arrest.

Gavin Fitzpatrick, 18, of Murfreesboro, Tennessee, was observed by officers at 111 Airpark Center E standing outside a 2010 Mazda M61. There was another driver doing donuts in the parking lot of the closed business and driving erratically. As officers activated their emergency equipment on their marked patrol cars, Fitzpatrick ran to his car and, rather then stop for police who had positioned their vehicles in front of him to prevent him from leaving, he placed his car in reverse and drove around the police cars. Officers did not pursue Fitzpatrick who drove off at a high rate of speed onto Couchville Pike.

The Mazda M61 bore personalized Tennessee license plate “GAVENO”. An arrest warrant was issued yesterday. Fitzpatrick, who was taken into custody today, remains jailed on $2,500 bond.