Loretta Lynn’s Granddaughter, Emmy Russell, Auditions on American Idol

Disney/Eric McCandless) EMMY RUSSELL

American Idol aired on Sunday, February 25 featuring a few local artists.

Emmy Russell, the granddaughter of country icon, Loretta Lynn performed her original song “Skinny.”

Rusell, 25 years old, shared when asked about her grandmother to the judges, ”She’s one of the biggest country music singers of all time, but to me she’s just Grandma.” she said.

All three judges gave a “yes” to Russell and she moved on the Hollywood Week. In 2022, Russell performed on CMT with Lukas Nelson in a memorial for Loretta Lynn.

After the show aired, Russell shared on social media, “Oh my gosh…Will you join me on this adventure? Very thankful at the moment. Excited to do this with y’all. Here we goooo!!!”

In addition to Russell, Abby Blake, a Nashville artist also auditioned. Blake performed Pink’s “What About Us” and received a yes from all three judges but in a twist, her accompaniment, Sam Kelly-Cohen was asked to audition by American Idol judge, Katy Perry. Sam who is part of local band, Kayko, performed an original song “Time of Your Life.” The judges voted to also send Sam and Abby to Hollywood Week.

Watch the auditions below.