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Property Brothers is back on HGTV for a 13th season with all-new episodes! After a successful three-episode run with the “Property Brothers” in 2019, French’s Cabinet Gallery, LLC is now on HGTV’s new show, “Making It Home With Kortney & Dave.” We sat down to discuss remodeling and their experience working in the TV business!

How did French’s Cabinet Gallery, LLC get involved with the Property Brothers?

We first got involved with HGTV and the Property Brothers through RSU Contractors, a local contractor we have worked with for many years. They needed someone to do cabinets for the Property Brothers projects, so they invited us to join in the fun!

What projects have you done for HGTV so far?

French’s Cabinet Gallery, LLC designers worked with RSU Contractors and the Property Brothers on three amazing projects in 2019: “Angie & Brian,” “Jennifer & David,” and “LaShawnda & Daniel.” You can check out photos from these projects here.

These went so well, we were invited back to do four more projects for a new HGTV show called “Making It Home With Kortney & Dave.” These episodes are now available for streaming on HGTV, Discovery+ and the Hulu app!

How long does a project take from start to finish?

Due to the tight deadlines for the show, we designed and completed all four of the new HGTV projects consecutively within a period of 10 weeks. This is far from the norm, and not something easily accomplished. (You can learn more about our standard process here.) There were times when we worked in the middle of the night to make sure the project schedule stayed on target.  Our cabinet manufacturer, Koch Cabinets, even had to rush production and delivery schedules to get the cabinets to the jobsite faster than normal.

Wow! It sounds like there’s a lot going on behind the scenes.

Yes, working on a TV show is definitely a team effort! Our cabinet designer collaborated with the homeowners, local interior design firms Blakrock Interiors, Thurman Design Studio and Olivia Carswell Interiors, as well as representatives from RSU Contractors and HGTV to ensure that everyone’s budgets, creative visions, and schedules were clearly communicated and executed.

In addition, scheduling is more complex because you are also working around a TV production schedule. Most of the filming crew lived in Canada, so the projects had to be ready when the crew was scheduled to arrive.

While a lot of work goes into these projects, the hardest part is waiting for the shows to air! The last project was finished in January, 2020 and the shows were just recently made available for streaming.

We are so excited to share our experience with “Making It Home With Kortney & Dave.” Check out the following Episodes on Season 1:

Episode 6 Ryan & Alisa

Episode 8 Ian & Amber

Episode 9 Breanna & Shaun

Episode 10 Lauren & Michael

We hope you will love the finished products as much as the homeowners did! Follow us on Instagram or Facebook for more examples of our beautiful cabinetry!

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