Sneak Peek of 5 Commercials You’ll See During The Big Game

photo from YouTube

Commercials are often a nuisance, except when it comes to “The Big Game”. You might even say some watch the game while others are watching for the commercials. Here’s a sneak peek at 5 commercials you’ll see during The Big Game.

BetMGM with Tom Brady

The commercial says the BetMGM is for everyone with the exception of Tom Brady.

Coors Light Train

Waking from retirement in the Rocky Mountains, the Coors Light Chill Train is embarking on an epic journey across the country. Traveling at a frosty 900 MPH, the ice-cold locomotive will stop at nothing to bring chill wherever it’s needed.

Pringle with Chris Pratt

It was speculated that Travis Kelce would make an appearance in this commercial. Instead, Chris Pratt shows his mustache has a lot in common with the Pringles can.

Uber Eats with Jelly Roll

Uber Eats delivers but in this commercial, Jennifer Anniston, Usher, and Jelly Roll forget some major events. Jelly Roll posted a small clip of the commercial on his social media and fans have been going crazy.

Mayo Cat

This commercial features Kate McKinnon, of Saturday Night Live, and her cat who can “talk”.

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