Oakland to Meet Houston in Heavyweight Clash for 6A Title


Championship weekend is here, and these two teams are on a collision course that meets in Chattanooga in what will surely be a gritty, physical matchup between two immensely talented teams. Only one can be the champion.

(All rankings referenced are from MaxPreps computer generated algorithmic rating system for Tennessee schools)


Houston Mustangs


MaxPreps Tennessee Rank: 4

Head Coach: James Thomas

2023 Record: 12-2

2022 Record: 9-3, Lost in the second round to Germantown.

Houston beat one of Middle Tennessee’s best last weekend in undefeated Brentwood to make it to Chattanooga and now face down the best team in the state for the past three years. Houston showed off their physicality and ability to limit a talented offense last week and the same formula could lead them to knocking off the three-peat champs this weekend.



Oakland Patriots


MaxPreps Tennessee Rank: 3

Head Coach: Kevin Creasy

2023 Record: 12-2

2022 Record: 14-1, won the state title

Oakland is four quarters away from making history for the second year in a row. After doing what had never been done before in Tennessee last year and three-peating as state champions they now have the opportunity to push their own record out to four. They have the athletes to get it done, but have a brick wall in Houston standing in the way.


Final Thoughts

This may end up being the most physical football game played since the 2000s Ravens were terrorizing offenses in the NFL. These are two teams that have big, physical, athletes that play the game at a high level and play strong defense. While Houston would surely worry me if I was an Oakland supporter, I would remember that Coach Creasy and the Patriots have not lost a Playoff game in four years. I’ll believe it when I see it.

Prediction:  Oakland 28 Houston 24

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