Nashville Zoo Welcomes Three Sumatran Tiger Cubs

Photos from Nashville Zoo Facebook

Nashville Zoo recently announced the birth of three critically endangered Sumatran tiger cubs.

The three cubs are the first Sumatran tigers to be born at Nashville Zoo.

Anne, the Zoo’s 7-year-old female Sumatran tiger, gave birth to the cubs on the evening of October 20, 2023. As a first-time mom, Anne is behaving perfectly as she and the three cubs bond and remain nestled in the privacy of their indoor den.

Sumatran tigers are native to the rainforests of Indonesia and are critically endangered due to habitat loss and poaching. With an estimated 400 to 600 Sumatran tigers left in the wild, each birth is vital for the conservation of this species.

The Nashville Zoo participates in the Sumatran Tiger Species Survival Plan and donates to the Tiger Conservation Campaign.