Make your Christmas tree pop with these brilliant, unbreakable lights


Now that turkey day has come and gone, it’s time to set up the tree, hang wreaths on the door, lights on the house, arrange garland, tinsel, ribbon and set out the holiday knickknacks we’ve acquired over the years.

Tree decorated with LED Cluster Lights at True Value Garden Center
Tree decorated with LED Cluster Lights at True Value Garden Center

The piece of holiday decor that seems to make the holiday spirit come alive is lights. For many families, one of the most exciting things to see during the holiday season is festive outdoor lighting and a decorated, lit Christmas tree.

We’re all probably familiar with LED lights, as they’ve become the preferred light bulb in recent years. They shine brighter for longer and use less energy than incandescent lights, but the latest trend in holiday lights is LED Cluster Lights.

LED Cluster lights will make your tree pop! “Cluster lights are light strands that have lots of lights radiating out in clusters from a central cord. They are hard to describe but look amazing,” says Darrin Buswell, Manager at Tru Value Garden Center in Franklin.

These lights can be used inside or outside, there are approximately 25 lights per foot and come with 8 different settings: combination, waves, sequential, slow glow, chasing/flash, slow fade, twinkling/flash and steady on, added Buswell.

The cluster lights take the guesswork out of decorating. Because there are so many lights on the strand, your tree, banister or front porch is going to look brilliant without you having to work extra hard on deciding how to place the lights.

stepping-on-led-lightsThe best part? They don’t break. Let’s be honest, we’re not always as careful with our Christmas lights as we should be, but you don’t have to worry about that with these lights. Buswell says these lights won’t break, even when you step on them!

You can find these lights in warm white or multicolored at True Value Garden Center in Franklin, 203 Downs Blvd. For the holidays, the Garden Center has been transformed into a Christmas shop, equipped with everything you need to make your holiday special. From artificial Christmas trees to ornaments and all other kinds of holiday decor, you will find it at True Value Garden Center. Like them on Facebook for holiday inspiration!