How to Prepare for the Start of Boating Season


The start of boating season is rapidly approaching. The end of winter and the early signs of spring are always a welcomed sight, partially because you know what comes next. Soon you’ll spend days on the water in the sunshine while enjoying quality family time.

If you own a boat, now is the time to prepare it for the season with a long list of evaluations and updates to ensure it is seaworthy. But if you’re part of Nautical Boat Club, your list will be far simpler.

Start of Boating Season Checklist

Here’s a look at all the ways you should prepare for boating season that have nothing to do with boat maintenance.

1. Stock Up on Sunscreen


Review your sunscreen stock and check the expiration dates on any you have left over from last season. Toss any that is expired and invest in waterproof 30 SPF sunscreen. Spray-on bottles are easier to use, increasing the likelihood that you’ll apply sunscreen regularly. But you might want to have lotion options as well in case of windy days or based on your boating guests’ personal preferences.

2. Try on Swimwear

While your swimwear was in storage, its elastic might have dried out and no longer hold its shape the way it did when you packed it away for the winter. Check it out now to give yourself several weeks to shop around for new swimwear if you need to. If you have children, they’ve likely outgrown their swimwear. When purchasing swimwear, consider its sun protection to have the most enjoyable summer. No one enjoys the pain of sunburn.

3. Gather Up Beach Towels

Have at least one beach towel per person you anticipate will go boating with you. A few extra towels will ensure that as people go in and out of the water for various activities, they’ll be comfortable when they re-enter the boat to ride.

And while you’re considering whether you have adequate towels, consider how you’ll store and transport the towels. Get a tote that easily fits your supply so you can carry it onto your boat club watercraft easily.

4. Learn About the Lakes You Plan to Explore

Take some time to review the lakes you plan to enjoy this summer. Nautical Boat Club has five locations in the Nashville area on the following bodies of water.

  • Percy Priest Lake
  • Old Hickory Lake
  • Center Hill Lake
  • Cumberland River Basin
  • Tims Ford Lake

Review details, such as where the gas stations are located on the water, to prepare for enjoying these stunning settings. You might want to also know what food and beverage locations there are and where it’s safe to get out and swim. The more you know before hitting the water, the more relaxed and enjoyable the experience will be.

5. Renew Your Fishing License


If you plan to remove fish or crayfish from any Tennessee body of water that is not on property that you own, you’ll need a fishing license for everyone fishing who is 13 years of age or older. Learn more about fishing license requirements and exceptions on the Tennessee Guides, Rules and Regulations website.

6. Air Out Your Cooler

When coolers sit in storage all winter, they are at risk of growing mold if they aren’t stored in a dry place. Spend some time on one of the warmer spring days cleaning out your cooler and preparing it for boating season to enjoy cold bottled water, snacks and meals on the water.

7. Join Nautical Boat Club Before the Start of Boating Season

Nautical Boat Club offers unlimited boat use with free water toy and safety equipment use without the headaches of boat maintenance and the upfront cost of purchasing a boat. Get access to high-quality boats that the boat club replaces every 2-3 years to ensure you enjoy your days on the water without concerns about mechanical issues. Learn more about Nautical Boat Club Nashville and join today.