Your Dog, Exercise & COVID-19: Keeping You and Your Pup Healthy


Coronavirus has changed just about every aspect of life, from how we work, socialize, and shop. But it’s not just you who has been affected by COVID-19. In all likelihood, your dog has been affected, too! As more people work from home, pets become accustomed to having owners around more frequently. The closing of dog parks may have also disrupted many households’ routines. What should you do to keep your pup healthy?

Dog Walking

Walking your dog for exercise is always a good idea! Ideally, your pup should get three to four walks per day that are at least 15 minutes long. Of course, this isn’t going to be possible for everyone every day. (Also, keep in mind that smaller dogs and older dogs may not need quite as much activity.) Walking your dog regularly can support good heart, muscle, joint and brain health. The experience also builds social bonds between dogs and their humans!

Anxiety in Dogs

Speaking of social bonds, many dogs who have now become accustomed to frequently being with their owners may exhibit signs of anxiety when separated. Symptoms of anxiety may include panting, destroying furniture, excessive licking or chewing, digging, barking when no one’s home, etc. CBD can help dogs struggling with anxiety. (Learn more in this blog post.)

Dog Parks & Outings With Your Pup

If you live near a dog park that’s open, this can be a great opportunity for your dog to socialize and exercise. Just wear a mask and practice safe social distancing. Your pup will benefit from being around other dogs and getting to run free, off-leash.

If you’re going out to run an errand or make a curbside pickup from a local business, consider taking your dog with you in the car. This provides some mental stimulation for your pet and also could help reduce separation anxiety, if that’s an issue your dog is struggling with.

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