Banh Appetite Brings Authentic Vietnamese and French Food to the ‘Boro

Photo from Banh Appetite Facebook.

Banh Appetite, a play on the French for good eating, is a new Vietnamese food and French pastry restaurant located at 2892 South Church Street in Murfreesboro. While the combination of food may seem odd to some, the French have long had ties to the country since colonizing it during the age of Napoleon III in 1857. It became part of what was known as French Indochina in the 20th century. 

The menu is filled with Vietnamese treats like Pho, Banh Mi, and Egg Rolls, as well as an array of quiche, buttery croissants, tarts, mousse and crème brulee. 

Whether you’re craving a hearty bowl of soup or a sweet treat, our kitchen has something for everyone,” says their website. “And to top it all off, we offer a refreshing range of hand-crafted Boba Teas, perfect for sipping after a satisfying meal. Come join us and indulge in a culinary journey that blends the best of East and West, and let your taste buds travel to the crossroads of two vibrant cultures.” 

Banh Mi sandwiches are served on a French baguette, and are one of the favorites of diners. As a reviewer noted, “The barbecue pork was tender and succulent, and the Banh Mi bread was fluffy with a satisfying crunch. The addition of cilantro, cucumber,… pickled carrots and daikon elevated the Banh Mi’s flavor profile.” 

The Vietnamese Steak and Egg Banh Mi is another favorite. One diner describes it, “Two eggs, sunny side up, are served sizzling on a cast iron hot plate. Along with those eggs are marinated cubed bits of steak that are tender, juicy, and flavorful. They are covered in finely sliced onions. But wait, there’s more: a dollop of Vietnamese pate, a dollop of homemade mayo and this plate comes with its own oven toasted baguette. My husband split his baguette and stuffed everything inside. Not I [sic]. I tore bits of baguette, spread a little pate, piled on a bite of egg . . . mm. The next bite was a bit of steak, onion, mayo. The next bite was bread and creamy egg yolk.” 

While the Barbecue Pork and Steak and Eggs Banh Mi are the standout favorites, the restaurant offers additional Banh Mi flavors:  barbecue chicken; grilled chicken, beef or pork; pork meatballs; and a combination. 

Vermicelli Bowls come in multiple flavors, too. These include deep fried chicken, deep fried veggie, barbecued pork, barbecued chicken, grilled chicken, grilled beef, grilled pork or grilled shrimp. All of these are served with egg rolls.

Another popular Vietnamese dish is Pho. It is loved because of the delicate combination of extremely unique spices, including sá, basil, cinnamon, and clove, which are blended to create a sweet rich broth. There are 10 different Pho options, but the brisket is the one most often mentioned by visitors. 

Egg rolls are also popular, especially the grilled pork spring rolls. They are a blend of pork and traditional sweet and sour Vietnamese spicy vinaigrette. Other egg roll options include veggie and shrimp. 

Those not in the mood for Vietnamese food should try the quiche. Options include spinach ricotta cheese; bacon, ham and Swiss cheese; and chicken, artichoke and goat cheese. Banh Appetite also makes several kinds of sandwiches on their croissants.

Owner Phuc “Bolo” Truong and his team get up very early in the morning to make traditional croissants. Croissants are French by way of Vienna, Austria, and are made with a yeast leavened dough that has been laminated with butter, [into] multiple layers, according to They take about a day and a half to make the 100 plus layers that create the light and fluffy and buttery texture. 

Banh Appetite is open from 8:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m. Wednesday through Monday.

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