Vida Flo to Open at Fifth + Broadway

photo from Vida Flo

Vida Flo is bringing IV hydration and wellness infusion to downtown Nashville with the opening of a new location at Fifth + Broadway later this year. Vida Flo’s customizable wellness and hydration therapy will usher a new era of health and wellness to lower Broadway. The state-of-the-art clinic will be the ultimate destination in Nashville for those seeking premium intravenous (IV) services to prevent exhaustion,revitalize wellbeing and boost immunity. This is the fifth location in Middle Tennessee for the vitamin infusion business, which is owned by The Vida Group.

“It’s only fitting that we open our fifth location in the one-and-only Fifth + Broadway,” said Michael Haley, co-owner of The Vida Group. “We have admired this Nashville destination from inception, and it’s an honor to open another Vida Flo location alongside so many beloved businesses in the heart of Music City.”

Vida Flo has built a reputation of excellence in Nashville and beyond by providing cutting-edge IV therapy treatments to locals and visitors alike. Their menu of extensive solutions is tailored to every customer and can be used for a myriad of preventive and corrective measures such as increasing stamina, relieving stomach illness, reducing stress, eliminating migraines and improving physical appearance. Through direct delivery of fluids,vitamins and antioxidants, the body absorbs 100 percent of the treatment, as opposed to drinking fluids or taking oral medications where the body only absorbs about
30 percent.

Lauren Britt, leasing manager at Northwood Retail, added, “We are excited to welcome Vida Flo to Fifth + Broadway. IV hydration has become a mainstay in the world of health and wellness, and it’s a great addition to the fabric of an already dynamic project in downtown Nashville. With several existing locations in Middle Tennessee, Vida Flo was a natural choice in this category and will be the IV hydration destination on Broadway.”

Upon each visit to Vida Flo, a consultation with a nurse will occur by taking vital signs and assessing medical history. Each consultation will ensure clients are suitable for treatment in order to receive a safe and medically ethical service. Vida Flo Fifth + Broadway is overseen by Medical Director and Chief Medical Officer Dr. Howard Aubert, MD.

Passionate about Vida Flo’s customizable experience, Haley said, “The customizable combinations of these medications are a quick and easy fix for anyone looking to improve their vitality. Whether you’re a business professional needing an afternoon energy boost or a Nashville tourist looking to enhance overall vitality for the weekend, we are your go-to resource for achieving optimal health and quality of life.”

The Vida Group opened Vida Flo’s first Tennessee location in Midtown in 2016 and has since expanded to Franklin, Murfreesboro and Hendersonville. Vida Flo Fifth + Broadway will be located on the second floor of the Fifth + Broadway complex at 5036 Broadway, Nashville, TN 37203, Suite PU-1A. The wellness clinic will be open Wednesday through Monday from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. For more information about Vida Flo Fifth + Broadway, visit

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