Top 2022 Pool Trends That are Making a Splash

By Peek Pools and Spas


After spending more time at home over the last two years, the desire for a backyard to become a personal oasis has skyrocketed, and these days it’s all about the aesthetic!

Check out the 2022 pool trends that are making a splash!


You don’t need a huge space to take a dip in the pool in your own backyard! Spools aka small pools have been trending since they are smaller than traditional pools and take up less space! Plunge pools and cocktail pools are some of the most popular designs with the spool trend.

Plunge pools are deep enough to take a plunge in but small enough to be configured to fit into almost any backyard. Mostly for lounging and floating, these pools are best for having a chill day out in the sun.

Cocktail pools are also part of the spool family. Cocktail pools are a combination of a pool and spa and can be elevated by adding features like jets. Varying in size, they still are small in terms of pool size, but the main difference between a plunge and a cocktail pool is that cocktail pools are typically no more than four feet deep.

Because these pools are so petite, cooling and heating them throughout the year saves more energy than the standard size pool. Additionally, spools do not require as much upkeep as a large inground pool.

A Baja Shelf

If you have been around a pool in the last few years you have probably seen a Baja shelf! A Baja shelf is a ledge built like a large top step into a pool. The Baja shelf is a wide ledge varying from four to 18 inches deep. The shallow ledge is perfect for tanning, relaxing, or can double as a kiddie area!

By just extending the top step into the pool, you can give a luxurious quality to your backyard; perfect for keeping cool while basking in the sun!

Swim Up Bar

Popularized in tropical resorts around the world, swim-up bars are becoming highly sought after in backyard pools.

There are two sides to a swim-up bar: the poolside with stools built into the pool, and the dry side where others can stay dry, serve drinks, and still be a part of the socialization of the get-together.

Not only are they fun, but they’re also functional! Building a swim-up bar actually saves space by utilizing in-pool seating and can provide more space around the bar for an outdoor kitchen area.

You can go as simple or elaborate with any customized swim-up bar, and adding one will surely be a hit at the next pool party!

LED Lighting

Just because the sun goes down doesn’t mean the part has to stop! Pool lighting is nothing new, but transitioning to LED bulbs is not only energy efficient, but new bulbs now have many different lighting settings to create any outdoor ambiance.

Light up the next nighttime swim with many different color options that can easily be automated or changed through apps, a remote, or a controller pad!

Take Part in the Trends

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