SilverSneakers Makes a Healthy Lifestyle Accessible for Seniors


By Ashley Irwin

SilverSneakers is an incredible fitness program that provides seniors access to thousands of gyms and fitness classes at no cost through over 60 health plans across the nation. Members of SilverSneakers enjoy everything that each gym has to offer, including equipment, classes, and amenities.

The goal of SilverSneakers is to make healthy living accessible to members. Over 13,000 gyms across the nation, including the Franklin/Murfreesboro and Nashville Athletic Clubs, welcome SilverSneakers members to take advantage of all of the great benefits that these gyms offer. SilverSneakers also offers a wonderful community of like-minded individuals that help and motivate each other to stay fit and healthy.

The benefits of SilverSneakers include free gym access, a supportive community, and the opportunity to defy the odds by getting in shape and staying in shape. Since SilverSneakers is offered through over 60 health plans, seniors may already have free access to gyms and fitness classes that they may not know about. You can search for accepted health plans and featured gyms at

Members also create a large and supportive community by exercising together and learning from one another. Members keep each other motivated and even promote the service to others. The most important benefit of the SilverSneakers program is the opportunity it gives seniors to live a healthy and active lifestyle.

With the numerous benefits and multiple options from health care providers, SilverSneakers is the perfect program for seniors looking to improve their health and lead an active lifestyle.

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