You know that certain shade of avocado green or salmon pink that instantly dates kitchens and bathrooms to a bygone era? The instant reaction you’re having is proof positive that color can date a room really fast. Since you spend so much time in the kitchen you’ll want to see colors that inspire you and bring you joy. Spending time in a kitchen with outdated colors doesn’t have that effect!

Replacing your cabinets is an excellent way to update and refresh the look and feel of your kitchen. The experienced designers at French’s Cabinet Gallery love these six color trends for bringing life to your outdated kitchen!

Greige is the New Beige

A newer trend that doesn’t seem to be going out of style anytime soon is “greige.” A combination of gray and beige, it’s definitely a gray, but with the warmer tones and hues of a beige. Far from boring, this shade looks stunning in any kitchen and provides a neutral backdrop for pops of color through decorative accents.

Bright Timeless White

White cabinets brighten any kitchen instantly! Plus they look great whether you choose white, light, or dark dramatic countertops. White comes in a wide range of tones from warm to cool, so be sure to choose just the right shade of white for your home. Factors such as lighting, wall color and flooring can really change the way a shade of white looks from one place to the next, so we always suggest that you take a color sample home to see how it looks in your unique space.

Organic Elements

Bring nature indoors with organic materials such as natural wood cabinets. Using a light or clear finish instead of a darker tinted stain allows the beauty of the wood grain to take centerstage. You can achieve different styles depending on your cabinet door style and finish sheen, but natural wood is stunning no matter how you cut it!

While the following three color trends are beautiful options now, we encourage you to consider whether they are something you will love for the lifetime of your cabinets. Sometimes it’s best to use these colors as an accent. For example, do a dark navy island paired with a more timeless neutral color on the perimeter cabinets. In the end, it’s your kitchen so do what makes you happy! If you are a person that loves COLOR, one of these trends may be just right for you…

Deep Greens and Blues are the Colors I Choose

Deep moody greens definitely have a flair for the dramatic. And a rich, dark navy or midnight blue, especially paired with white counters, are equal parts inviting and alluring.

Comfortable as Your Favorite Jeans

Your favorite pair of jeans are your go-to every time. You feel amazing in them. Kitchens featuring light shades of blue are sure to make you feel as comfortable and inspired as your favorite denim. Cool in tone with a grayish hue, light blue cabinetry keeps the kitchen feeling spacious and welcoming.

Nature-Inspired Tones

Somewhere between sage and seafoam, a slightly blue-leaning light green is an amazing kitchen cabinet color trend that’s sure to be desirable for years to come. Drawing inspiration from the beauty in the natural world brings vibrance and cheer to your kitchen without being overwhelming.

Still Not Sure What Color to Choose for Your Kitchen Cabinets?

If your kitchen is ready for an update, but you need help choosing the right color and style for you, reach out to the design experts at French’s Cabinet Gallery at 615-371-8385. Their years of experience and numerous satisfied customers are testament to their incredible skill and talent in creating beautiful and on-trend kitchen environments.

Have a question for French’s Cabinet Gallery,LLC? Fill out the form below:

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