Kacey Musgraves’ Nashville Home Featured in Architectural Digest


If you were ever curious about what GRAMMY award-winning Kacey Musgraves’ home looks like, Architectural Digest takes an in-depth look at her latest home purchase in Nashville.

photo courtesy of AD/Lelanie Foster

In the words of Musgrave’s song “Oh What a World” -There is all kinds of magic, it’s hard to believe,  yes it’s hard to believe all of the incredible design features packed into the 3,500 square foot home. Musgraves, along with designer Lindsay Rhodes, discusses how the two weaved in collectible items from Willie Nelson, an old photograph of her mother, and blue eggshells with a special meaning.

The home was purchased in 2020 representing “a big life change” for Musgraves.

“I wanted a place that felt like me,” Musgraves told AD, “where I could express myself without having to think about another person and what they might want. This felt like a new beginning.”

In the renovation of the home built in 2012, it was taken from heavy wall-papered walls to white or mostly white walls, a clean palette. Only one thing in the home was untouched- a powder room covered in charcoal sketches.

And while lots of the furnishing in the home are new, Musgraves says she loves a good estate sale and you can find her most Saturdays out shopping even when she’s on the road.

A few estate sales finds in her new home are a larger-than-life bust by the pool, and a  french bed in the guest bedroom.

“You can’t put your finger on the exact style of this house, and I’d say the same about my music. Instead, it’s a big patchwork quilt of all these things that spark some kind of joy in me,” Musgraves tells AD.

Find the latest edition of AD May 2022 on newsstands. See the complete story here. 

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