Groundbreaking Student-Led Feature Film Project Commences at Smyrna High School


Smyrna High School has announced the commencement of a student-led feature film!

Working Title: “The Strings Attached”, a yearlong feature film project marks a significant step forward in the integration of CTE, arts and education. Led by the Audio-Visual Production 3 class, it brings together students from various disciplines to collectively produce a feature film that will not only showcase their talents but also empower them to explore the world of storytelling through the lens of cinema.

“The Strings Attached” is an original psychological drama film that explores the compelling narrative of high school life, the anxieties faced and the redeeming value of friendship and finding your passion in life. It delves into the challenges today’s students face and promises to captivate audiences with its unique storytelling and cinematic excellence. The film will premiere at the Smyrna Malco Cinema April 25, 2024, have in-school screenings and be submitted to film festivals and streaming platforms.

Collaboration Across Disciplines:

This groundbreaking project transcends traditional boundaries by involving students from diverse fields such as drama, film production, visual arts, music, and more. It fosters a dynamic and innovative environment where students collaborate to bring their creative visions to life.

Empowering Future Filmmakers:

“The Strings Attached” will not only enrich the educational experience of the students but also empower them with hands-on experience in the filmmaking process. From concept development, scriptwriting and storyboarding to filming and post-production, students are gaining valuable skills and insights that will shape their future careers in the industry.
A Message from Kyle Dietz, Audio Visual Production teacher:

“This project has already been an experience like none other in my career as a teacher or in the TV and Film industry.”

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