3 Ways to Keep Your Aging Parent Active


By Ashley Irwin

As our parents get older, it can be difficult for us to help them stay active and healthy for as long as they can. It can be physically and emotionally damaging for an older adult to seclude themselves and put their physical health on the backburner. The good news is that there are many simple ways that we can encourage our loved ones to get out of the house and to improve their well-being. Here are 3 ways that can help you keep your aging parent active.

1. The Silver Sneakers Program
SilverSneakers is a wonderful program that offers free gym memberships and access to health classes to seniors through their health insurance program. The program gives seniors a motivating and supporting community of like-minded people who fight to eliminate the stereotype that older adults cannot reach peak physical performance. SilverSneakers is offered at no cost by over 60 health plans across the nation. The SilverSneakers community has fitness classes for all levels of fitness and a wonderful community of caring and motivated people.

2.Get Them Involved in Community Organizations
Bringing your aging parent closer to their community is a great way to help them stay active and social with their peers. There are a large number of different community organizations for seniors all over the country and in almost every city. Activities include bingo, card games, bowling, knitting, sewing, and countless other activities. A community organization can help your aging parent make friends and build lasting relationships for years to come.

3. Volunteering 
Getting your aging parent involved in charitable organizations at church or in the community is a great way to give them an extra sense of purpose and wellbeing. Helping people feels good, so they are more likely to stay positive if they have a steady community of people they are positively impacting on a regular basis. You can research volunteering opportunities in your area online or through members of your community. Volunteering can help seniors stay connected to their communities through helping others and will improve their confidence.

This health & fitness news is brought to you by the Athletic Clubs of Franklin, Nashville and Murfreesboro. The Athletic Clubs offer a variety of ways for seniors to stay healthy with their SilverSneakers program. Click here to see a class schedule for the location nearest you.

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