12 Deputies Recognized as Officers of the Month


Twelve deputies were recognized as Officers of the Month Tuesday by the Rutherford County Sheriff’s Office.

Sheriff Mike Fitzhugh presented Officer of the Month ribbons to the employees.

Fitzhugh recognized the efforts of the officers as a team.

“I look to you to be leaders of this team,” Fitzhugh said. “Thank you for your individual efforts and what you bring to your team.”

Sgt. Casey McClure was selected for his commitment to serving as the extra duty coordinator. He is also an SRO supervisor.

During eight months, McClure scheduled more than 6,500 hours of extra duty jobs. This does not include church security and apartment courtesy positions.

Cpl. George Barrett was chosen for his dedication to helping patrol officers use the new Records Management System.

He serves as the liaison between patrol deputies and the records personnel. When reports are not completed correctly, he identifies the issue and makes corrections.

Deputy Amanda McPherson coordinated the first week-long celebration of National Police Memorial Week at the sheriff’s office.

She ensured the officers had special meals and treats each day of the week. She also coordinated the weight loss challenge for patrol deputies.

Sgt. Mark Mack spent countless hours for his role in planning and coordinating the active threat training for all emergency responders in the county.

He developed comprehensive lesson plans for the instructors to teach the concepts of rescue teams and scheduled more than 700 responders for the classroom instruction and the practical exercises.

Detective Steve Brown and Detective Ryan Huggins investigated the murder of well-known sports enthusiast Terry Wayne Barber.

They worked tirelessly and diligently by processing the crime scene, interviewing witnesses and executing search warrants.

Their dedication led to the identification of three suspects who were arrested within four days.

Detective Christian Wrather investigated an inmate who allegedly attempted to bring drugs into the Rutherford County Adult Detention Center.

The detention staff intercepted one attempt, leading to warrants on the inmate and two other suspects.

Wrather retrieved a package of methamphetamine left for the inmate at a doctor’s visit, resulting in additional charges for the inmate.

SRO Shane Vaughn responded to a medical emergency where La Vergne High School teacher Garry Gannon suffered a medical emergency.

Vaughn told the nurse they needed to start CPR. The nurse began CPR while Vaughn attached the AED.

Gannon began to breathe again and move around. He recovered from the medical emergency.

SRO Teresa Reed was notified by a Blackman High School student that a former student threatened suicide.

Reed located the former student’s address and notified Murfreesboro Police who intercepted the attempt.

Her quick actions and decision-making saved the former student’s life.

Detective Monica Fonseca coordinated a nationwide sweep to arrest suspects for domestic assault in Rutherford County.

She researched outstanding warrants and found suspects wanted for domestic-related crimes, including harassment, assault and cruelty to animals.

Her efforts led to deputies and Murfreesboro Police serving nine warrants for domestic crimes.

Narcotics Detective James McFerrin investigated a suspect for distributing heroin containing Fentanyl. He linked two overdose deaths to the suspect, resulting in two counts of murder.

In another case, McFerrin charged two suspects linked to a heroin overdose death with murder.

He is investigating 10 more overdose deaths.

Deputy Ashley King demonstrates leadership skills on the court security team.

He helps with scheduling, problem solving, and many court security duties.

Ashley pays close attention to detail and serves as an instrumental part of this court security team to protect people inside the Judicial Center.

Photo: Deputy Chief Egon Grissom, left, and Sheriff Mike Fitzhugh, right, presented awards to Officers of the Month for 2019. From left, front row, are Deputy Ashley King, SRO Teresa Reed, Detective Monica Fonseca, Detective Steve Brown, SRO Shane Vaughn and Fitzhugh; back row, Grissom, now Detective Amanda McPherson, Detective Ryan Huggins and SRO Sgt. Casey McClure.

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