Wondering What to Wear to a Holiday Party? Here’s the Most Popular Holiday Dress Color


When you think holiday outfits, you may think sparkle, or a few colors like red, green, silver or gold may come to mind.

In the latest study by fashion experts, green is the most popular color in the U.S. And for Tennesseans, green is also the color of choice.

The analysis revealed that green Christmas party dresses had the highest number of states searching for it the most, with a total of thirteen states, including Alabama, Alaska, Colorado, Florida, Louisiana, Montana, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Tennessee, Washington, West Virginia and Wisconsin.

Red party dresses are often a go-to at Christmas, which is why many shades of red are used for the perfect festive party dress. This study has found that shades of red, including burgundy and maroon, are the most popular colors for Christmas party dresses across ten states, contributing to the high ranking of red dresses.

Gold Christmas party dresses are the third most popular dress color for the festive season. Seven states searched for the color more than any other, including California, Delaware, Georgia, Idaho, Minnesota, Mississippi, and Oklahoma. Delaware is the only state searching for a champagne colour Christmas party dress, with the other six states are searching purely for gold.

The fourth most popular color Christmas party dress is a tie between both black and white, as each color has five states searching for them the most respectively.

States searching the most for a black Christmas party dress include Maine, Michigan, Rhode Island, South Carolina and South Dakota.

See the most popular colors below.

Party Dress Colors

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